Say Hello to Meet 'n' Greet

Meet ‘n’ Greet is a customisable Airport Sign that allows you to stand out from the crowd and present a modern, professional image to your clients.

Free-type text in any of 3 positions and combine with company logos, accessed from your Photo Library, to create your personalised sign. With just a few taps you can add combinations of images and text to create a custom, digital ‘Welcome’ board:

- Choose contrasting backgrounds and text
- set company logos (your own or your clients’)
- mix logos with text in any of the top, middle or bottom positions
- change font sizing to ensure longer client names display properly

Meet ‘n’ Greet gives you full control over the appearance of your signage. No need to worry about the display dimming or the screen rotating while you’re holding it as Meet ‘n’ Greet will lock the screen orientation in landscape mode and switch off the iPad’s auto-sleep feature, whenever the display is active. A quick double-tap of the screen will close the sign display and return the iPad to normal operation again.

Stand out in the terminal and let your clients see you from a distance!

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Most chauffeur software is aimed at large-scale taxi operations, allocating bulk jobs to multiple drivers and vehicles.

Vettura, however, is aimed at the owner/driver allowing them to manage their entire private hire operation from a single iOS device.

Meet ’n’ Greet

Meet ‘n’ Greet has been available in the App Store since 2014 and is currently in use by thousands of professional drivers and concierges across the World. Stand in any airport’s Arrival lounge and you’ll see it in use!

Completely customisable for logos and text, it allows creation of smart, professional ‘welcome’ signs projecting your company’s modern, professional image.


The accounts part of the Vettura suite will generate invoices for clients and track expenses for your operation, giving real-time Profit & Loss monitoring, overdue bill reminders, day-to-day running costs and vehicle mileage.

The main Vettura app will pass bookings and client data to the accounts app.



Tailor the sign’s appearance exactly to your needs.

No Screen Time-out

Suspend display auto-sleep and lock device screen rotation to landscape during display of your sign.


Enter your text in any of 3 positions, then adjust the font-size to ensure it displays correctly on-screen.

Live Preview

See a preview of your sign while editing your text and graphics, in Edit Mode.

Logos & Images

Insert company logos and images straight from your device’s Photo Library.

Change Backgrounds

Swap backgrounds and font-colours to ensure you stand apart and can be seen from a distance.